zaterdag 25 januari 2014

My orto - vegetable garden

It is risky to start a blog on my veggy- and herbgarden. In Italy I water the vegetables three times a day: early in the morning when everybody is still asleep, at two pm when they are all inside enjoying a siesta, and in the evening, protected by darkness so nobody can catch me spilling housewater in summer.

My dutch garden doesn´t need watering. Thank God I live on sandy soil, if not I had better start thinking about growing arborio rice. Here it is the lack of sun and warmth spoiling my garden and my mood. Of course, it would be sensible to grow sprouts or something, but in this climate I have to put the vegetables I like in the greenhouse. Eggplant (which I actually don´t really like), tomatoes, peperoni and peperoncini and of course, my basil. I already moaned here over my rosemary and sage (btw I bought two new ones) and the thyme is not looking well either. If we have to survive by those two days of sunny weather this year, I am sure the local grocery store will get over the crisis from my weekly shopping only.

I´d better write about what is actually doing fine. Beans, yellow and red onions, peas, loolo rosso and lollo verde, carots, courgettes and endive and, of course, all the fruits. Three appletrees, two pears, strawberries, plums, cherries, raspberries and red and black berries that I don´t like. My peach tree is drooping for the tenth year in a row.

I have planted several new herbs and they seem fine luckily. Now sun is all I need.

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