zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Outdoor kitchen - no way!!

A while ago, I was at a home and gardenfair where outdoor kitchens -Italian design- were exposed (and sold). I was astonished by the sizes (and the prices), and wondering how many people present at that fair had a garden in which these enormous gasbarbecues and all the luxury accesoires would fit in.
I don´t live in a palace, but neither my house nor my garden are really small, and yet I would never be able to create enough room for those huges creations, not even inside the house, let alone outside.

That´s to say...if I had wanted one. I don´t.
I like the smell of a fire, the warmth and the very sight of it, something a steel monstrosity fed by gas will never provide.

And of course, someone said I was just jealous. I am not.
What I am jealous of, is my friend Monicas´ outdoor kitchen. It is situated at a far end of her property, has an antique stone sink, a tap with only cold water running from it, a countertop made of old marble that took her husband three weeks to get it right, a one-burner-stove and a cutting board made of an old trunk. No luxury at all, but it is gorgeous and we had a real great time canning tomatoes all together.

And now, I had this little left over space at the back of my own garden. So... what do you think, is this Italian design or not? It even has room for my 9 euro barbecue. This is what I call an outdoor kitchen.


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